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Things Im Thankful For

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  1. Aug 12,  · 60 Things To Be Thankful For In Life 1. Good Health. Even if your health isn’t great, it could be worse and you likely still have some working parts to be 2. Money in the Bank. Having just a few coins makes you richer than most people on Earth. 3. Good Friends. Often, it’s the quality of.
  2. Nov 21,  · Here are 60 things that I am thankful for today: I am thankful for my health I am thankful to have a God who loves me I am thankful that we have the freedom to worship how and where I want I am thankful for my mom I am thankful for my wife I am thankful for my daughter I am thankful for my dog Author: Steve Spring.
  3. Nov 14,  · I’m thankful to be welcomed and accepted by strangers. I’m thankful for the prayers passed down through my family. I’m thankful to be able to help those in need. I’m thankful to be healthy, although not perfectly, it could be much worse. I’m thankful to have a home, which may be one single place or multiple places.
  4. Life. How cool is that I'm actually here, in this world, living? Friends. There is no way I could survive without them. Love you guys! Family. We have our ups and downs, but they really are my foundation. Love. It's completely magical and amazing, isn't it? Words. They are literally my life line. I.
  5. Nov 22,  · Things to Be Thankful For in Holidays where you can spend time with the important people in life. Having a romantic partner or spouse who is there for you Being surrounded by friends and family Your children Having access to clean, .
  6. Aug 02,  · Things to be Thankful For List Air Conditioning. It would be so hard to survive the summers in Vegas without it. Plus the roof over our head to keep us Amazon Prime. You can order anything you want and it comes in days! Almost too convenient. America. We do like to complain a .
  7. When you are stuck in morning traffic, be grateful for being able to listen to your music for an extra twenty minutes. If your travel partner gets a cold in Malta which botches your dream date night, be thankful for room service. Instead of focusing on how cold it is while walking through the streets of Zurich, be grateful for the warm chestnut stands.
  8. Usually when I consider what I’m thankful for, I think of all of the most obvious things: my health, my family, my job, mint Oreos—you know, all of the usual stuff. But there are a whole lot of other things in my life that I label as “bad,” “boring,” or “tedious.”.
  9. Jun 13,  · Here are sixty things to be grateful for in our lives: 1. Your parents – for giving birth to you. Because if there is no them, there will not be you.

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