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  1. Sullen art Collective What started off the back of a couch in a small apartment in Huntington Beach slowly grew into a movement. What sparked it all was some tattoo work with Nikko Hurtado and the subsequent first Tattoo Artist Series tee grew into a globally recognized brand known as the Sullen .
  2. Sullen definition is - gloomily or resentfully silent or repressed. How to use sullen in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of sullen.
  3. adjective showing irritation or ill humor by a gloomy silence or reserve. persistently and silently ill-humored; morose. indicative of gloomy ill humor.
  4. 1. Showing a brooding ill humor or silent resentment; morose or sulky. 2. Gloomy or somber in tone, color, or portent: sullen, gray skies.
  5. Some common synonyms of sullen are crabbed, gloomy, glum, morose, saturnine, sulky, and surly. While all these words mean "showing a forbidding or disagreeable mood," sullen implies a silent ill humor and a refusal to be sociable. remained sullen amid the festivities In what contexts can crabbed take the place of sullen?
  6. A bad-tempered or gloomy person is sullen. Sullen people are down in the dumps. If someone is dark, dour, glum, moody, morose, or sour, they're also sullen. Teenagers are often described as sullen, especially when they're being grumpy and silent.
  7. Synonyms for sullen at diadipanccolynaracaravabhase.co with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for sullen.
  8. Favorite Product - Sullen Black Mamba Hooded Sweatshirt. Sullen. Black Mamba Hooded Sweatshirt. $ NEW & EXCLUSIVE. Favorite Product - Sullen Lincoln Hoodie. Sullen. Lincoln Hoodie. $ NEW. Favorite Product - Sullen Choloha Guadalupe T-Shirt. Sullen. Choloha Guadalupe T-Shirt. $
  9. Sullen Art Collective is inspired by ideas from the tattoo culture blended with progressive fashion trends. Shop men's Sullen graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more at Buckle. Sullen Art Collective is inspired by ideas from the tattoo culture blended with progressive fashion trends.

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