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Ballin The Jack

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  1. A “jack” was a railroad term for locomotive. “Ball” referred to the round electric signal that indicated the speed at which a train should travel. The fastest speed indicated by the signal was at its highest point, which indicated to an engineer that his locomotive could “highball it down the line.”.
  2. Ballin’ the Jack Lyrics Woo hoo hoo hoo, oh you dog First you put your two knees close up tight You swing them to the left and then you swing them to the right.
  3. In the year , there was a popular song named Ballin’ the Jack. There was a dance that went along with the song, and many different artists have recorded or danced to this song over time. The song involved hip gyrations and other specific steps. Railroad workers also used the expression to describe a train moving at top speed.
  4. ballin' the jack An obsolete expression meaning "to make haste ", such as grossly exceeding the posted speed limit when operating your vehicle. Usage appears to be limited to the southeastern Oklahoma geographical area among men born pre-WWII. The origins of the phrase are unclear but several possibilities exist.
  5. Mar 08,  · From coast to coast, From Canada to Mexico, They're doin' a new dance A tried-and-a-true dance That will sweep the land And you'll think it's so grand You'll.
  6. Well that's what we call ballin' the jack Knees up tight To the left to the right Step around the floor kinda nice and light Then twist with all of your might Put your arms out in space.
  7. Ballin' The Jack First you put your two knees close up tight Then you sway to to left Then you sway to the right Step a-round the floor Kind of nice and light And twist a-round and twist a-round With all of your might Stretch your lovin' arms straight out in space Then you do the Eagle Rock with style and grace Swing your foot way 'round and bring 'em back That's what I call "Ballin' The Jack" First you put your .
  8. Feb 11,  · No one knows for certain where or when the phrase originated, but "Balling the Jack" entered the North American lexicon as railroad slang that referred to a train going at full speed. "Balling" alluded to the balled fist a railroad engineer used to signal to his crew to pour on the coal so the train would travel faster.

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